Garinger High School, northeast of downtown Charlotte:

Montclaire, south of downtown Charlotte:

PM2.5 is small particulate matter pollution, O3 is ground-level ozone gas pollution, and PM10 is large particulate matter pollution. Average particle pollution AQI in Charlotte is 30-60.

All pollutants are monitored in the USA as a part of the Clean Air Act. Some stations monitor a wider variety of pollutants than others.

Contact for more information about the display: Brian Magi (Faculty at UNC Charlotte). Contributions to design and implementation: Keenan Reed (Staff at UNC Charlotte) and Warren Pettee (Graduate Student at UNC Charlotte). Air quality data graphs are from, with location data graphs from and Mecklenburg County air quality data is collected and managed by staff at, and this data is archived at For detailed USA air quality discussions, visit and

In one of the most polluted cities: Beijing, China

Data from air quality stations around the world: